🪙Our Token Ecosystems

We have two tokens

PlayEstates is pioneering a unique approach in the digital real estate market, offering a blend of real-world asset integration and blockchain technology through two distinct types of tokens: PNFTs and OWND

🪙 OWND: the platform token of PlayEstates

Multiple Functions: OWND acts as both a governance and utility token within the PlayEstates ecosystem.

  • Exclusive PNFT Access: OWND holders can purchase PNFTs at a discounted rate and with early reservation advantages.

  • DAO Participation: Enables involvement in the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), giving a voice in project proposals and decisions.

  • Staking Benefits: Staking OWND can yield interest, contributing to a passive income stream.

  • TaaS (Tokenization as a Service): This service tokenizes physical assets into digital, non-fungible tokens, lowering investment risks and barriers, and providing credit, liquidity, and diversification on the blockchain.

  • Unique Liquidity Design: The liquidity of OWND is strategically managed through various phases like private sales, seed rounds, public offerings, community rewards, and DAO activities, aiming for a balanced supply-demand dynamic.

  • VIP Benefits: Holders of the 'Skyward Citizen' member NFT enjoy lifelong VIP benefits, including privileges, bonuses, and enhanced earnings, solidifying their premium status on the platform.

  • Global Wealth Journey and Property Rights: OWND facilitates global participation and wealth accumulation by allowing ownership of a fractional part of a property, making the dream of property ownership more accessible.

  • Exclusive Rights to PNFTs: It offers regulated safe tokens (PNFTs) backed by specific real estate assets, providing regular earnings and appreciation in value as the underlying asset grows.

🏢 PNFT: real estate backed, security token, property NFT

  • Fractional Ownership: PNFT represents fractional ownership of specific real estate properties, allowing investors to own a portion of high-value assets.

  • Cashflow Dividends: Holders who have completed KYC verification receive regular cashflow dividends from the rental income generated by the corresponding property.

  • Property Management Rights: KYC-verified holders also gain rights to participate in the management of the property, including decision-making processes.

  • Profit Sharing: When the property associated with a PNFT is transacted, holders are entitled to a portion of the profits generated from the sale.

  • Secondary Market Trading: PNFTs can be traded on secondary markets, providing liquidity and flexibility for investors.

  • Access Restrictions for Non-KYC Holders: While non-KYC holders can still purchase and trade PNFTs, access to property-related rights and decision-making processes is reserved for KYC-verified holders.

  • Dividend and Profit Storage: Dividends and profits earned by non-KYC holders are stored and locked within the PNFT until KYC verification is completed.

🏠RNFT: Redemption NFT

Description: RNFTs are semi-fungible tokens designed to integrate with the PlayEstates Platform, operating under the ERC-3525 standard within the platform and transitioning to ERC-721 for external handling. They offer various tiers of value and can be traded freely without KYC requirements. RNFTs can also be synchronized with other projects for exclusive or limited collections.


  • Mining OWND Tokens: RNFTs can be used to mine OWND tokens.

  • Secondary Market Trading: RNFTs can be freely traded on secondary markets without KYC verification.

  • Gamification Features: Enhanced user value through gamification, allowing synthesis and upgrades of tiers for added value.

  • Synthesis and Element Swapping: Combine RNFTs to upgrade tiers or swap elements within the same tier, requiring OWND tokens to complete these processes.

  • Collection: Collect elements within the same tier to boost mining value.

Burning Mechanism:

  • Exclusive Features: Gain access to premium features or exclusive events on the platform by burning RNFTs.

  • Gamification and Achievements: Earn badges, titles, or special recognition for burning RNFTs, appealing to users seeking status within the community. Customize avatars or badges through the burning process.

  • Redeemable Benefits: Redeem benefits such as discounts on future purchases, reduced transaction fees, or increased staking rewards by burning RNFTs.

  • Charitable Contributions: Burn RNFTs for charitable causes, generating positive social impact.

  • Exclusive Airdrops: Receive exclusive airdrops and items generated after burning RNFTs.

Correlation to PNFT:

  • Tokenized Asset Parity: Each tokenized asset has a mirrored value in both PNFT and RNFT forms, with only one of each circulating in the open market.

  • Redemption and Swapping: RNFTs can be redeemed to or from PNFTs at a 1:1 value ratio, requiring OWND tokens to facilitate the swap.

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