Who We Are

Grow Your Game. Build Your Wealth.

We are Gamers

At our core, we are building a gaming platform by gamers, for gamers.
Rather than spending money to play games or get rewarded with titles, we want to give gamers, even casual ones, the opportunity to win real money.

Our Purpose

GameFi shouldn’t be a grind. We are building a community where anyone can play great games, make new friends and earn real money.

Our Vision

We’re revolutionizing GameFi by building a DAO gaming platform where users tell us what to play, own, and build.

Our Mission

Our community-first platform will offer the games you love to play while you property-backed rewards that put money in your wallet.

Our Core Values

How we show up to the community is just as important as what we want for the community. Our Core Values are what drive us.
  1. 1.
    Respect the Game
  2. 2.
    Be Transparent
  3. 3.
    Grow Together
  4. 4.
    Play and Build
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