♻️Our Self-Sustaining Hybrid Finance Model

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Making Real Estate Investment More Accessible

PlayEstates has crafted an innovative ecosystem that is self-sustaining and multifaceted, centered around the OWND token and enhanced by its strategic real estate strategy. This ecosystem is underpinned by the following elements:

  1. Comprehensive Real Estate Strategy: PlayEstates leverages a diverse real estate approach, including long-term rentals for appreciation, short-term vacation rentals, efficiently managed commercial real estate, and lucrative fix-and-flip opportunities. This diversification not only broadens the investment horizon but also stabilizes the ecosystem by balancing risk and reward across different market conditions.

  2. OWND Token Utilization: The OWND token is pivotal in this ecosystem. It serves multiple purposes:

  • Asset Ownership: Enables token holders to own a part of premium real estate assets, democratizing access to property investment.

  • Global Investment Access: Facilitates worldwide participation, allowing investors from any location to partake in property investments.

  • Governance and Utility: OWND holders can engage in decision-making and access exclusive platform functionalities.

  1. PNFTs – Real Estate-backed NFTs: These specialized NFTs, exclusive to PlayEstates, represent tangible real estate assets and offer regular returns. They are a bridge between digital and physical assets, providing tangible value to digital token investments.

  2. On-Chain Financial Services:

  • Lending and Mortgages: PlayEstates plans to introduce on-chain lending and mortgage services, further integrating real estate investments with blockchain technology.

  • Staking OWND Tokens: This feature allows investors to stake their tokens in external projects and development initiatives, earning returns and contributing to the ecosystem's growth.

  1. Liquidity and Community Involvement:

  • The ecosystem is designed to ensure liquidity through various stages, from private sales to community rewards.

  • The integration of a DAO structure empowers OWND holders to have a say in project directions, fostering a sense of community and collective decision-making.

  1. Tokenization-as-a-Service (TaaS): This service transforms physical assets into digital tokens, lowering entry barriers and risks for investors, and providing credit, liquidity, and asset diversification.

  2. Additional Benefits:

  • VIP Lifetime Benefits and extras for Genesis token holders enhance user engagement and loyalty.

  • The diverse extension products like usage rights and online loans add more layers to the investment experience.

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